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We all have financial goals and they change through life. 

To date, digital banking has reported on the past.  


goally is a banking add-in that looks to the future.

What we are doing

We’ve set ourselves the challenge of designing artificial intelligence that helps with any personal financial goal.  At the moment we are testing our work.


We are not running a bank.  We work with banks to provide them with the advanced intelligence behind their applications.


goally works with your bank account to help you towards your life goals.  It senses when you’ve got the chance to put a few quid away and, if you like, it will suggest where you could economise – all to get you closer to where you want to be.

The tech stuff

goally is deeply technical work that uses developments in Open Banking and AI.


The challenge is to propose financial allocations that take people towards their goals, whilst not making their current account position fragile.

We’ve opted to use Microsoft Azure as our cloud AI platform, as it gives the option to port the code to an on-premise version, should our banking clients require this.


We are writing in F#, R and java. We are also looking for more developers!  

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